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The feature you asked for

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 4, 2010, 7:26 AM

Hello all:love:

Some you you sent me the thumbs of the work you wanted to have featured by me...

So without any further adue,here is the feature

No Words by 6Sanuye9 Dancing on Rooftops by 6Sanuye9 Lovebirds by 6Sanuye9 Delicate Barrier by 6Sanuye9 Sultry Looks by 6Sanuye9 Optical Scream by 6Sanuye9 Fly Me Away by 6Sanuye9 Reflections by 6Sanuye9 White Beauties swans by 6Sanuye9 by :icon6sanuye9:6Sanuye9 The Grand and the Little by 6Sanuye9 A portrait -Drawn by sshinz- by magemoa Green Monster Vector Signature by magemoa 3D La header by magemoa Angel Egg Girl Wallpaper by magemoa 3D Bleach render by magemoa Female Angel Signature by magemoa Impossible love signature by magemoa Ulquiorra 3D Signature by magemoa by :iconmagemoa:magemoa :thumb165040937: :thumb165007784: :thumb164599084: :thumb165402345: by :iconbloomingrosexeniia:BloomingRoseXeniia Macro Watch by G2KSurivemors Blacklight Stone Love by G2KSurivemors Demon Summoning 3 by G2KSurivemors Metal Japanese Seeds 3 by G2KSurivemors Macro Dead Eye by G2KSurivemors by :icong2ksurivemors:G2KSurivemors I Love You LessYa know I loved you
From my very first breath.
Maybe a bit too roughly
Because I loved you to Death.
You know I must be
Out of breath.
Getting a little rusty
Because I broke your neck.
Somebody stop me!
Before I slash your chest.
You know it's not free.
It's not a test.
Do you think it's easy
Just to let you rest?
Because you complete me
And I love you to Death.
Some say I'm crazy.
Covered in blood.
But I've been feelin' lately
Like a sane man should.
Your body makes me
Feel so damn good.
Can't believe I found you
So cold and alone.
Now I have to
Get you on your own.
Don't you know I love you?
Though I must confess,
That I can't wait to
Make a bloody mess.
Don't you know, girl
That I'll love you to Death?
Last Call For AlcoholIt's Midnight, baby
And there's nothing to do
I'm feeling a little crazy
How about you?
Let's go for a ride, baby
Go have some fun
We got plenty of time, girl
The Night is still young.
Let me tell ya, honey
Let me tell you real fast
That I ain't got no money
So let's make this last
I should probably warn ya
I take more than a few
I'll show you a good time, now
That, I promise you
So what do you say, love
Now that you've heard me out?
Do you wanna share my Deadly Sin?
Now that you know what I'm about?
Please say yes, girl
I'd like to see you again
Please remember,
That the meek never win
Some say I'm a drifter
I go between women
But I really disagree
You see, I'm still lookin'
For the woman for me
The ColdLeave me in my dark
Tears on my face forever mark
My words of pain forever spoken
In my sorrow, I am broken
Your sweet voice rings in my head
It's all I hear, for I am dead
My heart hurts
For it is bleeding
My love for you can be deceiving
Whenever I look you in the eyes
My soul cries
As it dies
I wish it weren't true, I wish it weren't so
Even though I know
I am living in dispair
Please know that I still care
I will always love you
I hope it's a feeling we both share
In the meantime I shall wait
In my dark
A frozen state
I'm cold and alone
For here, the sun has never shone
In my darkness I am safe
From all that makes my heart break
For it is quiet here
From all I hold dear
It is in this, my fortress of solitude
That I wait for you
Blood-Gush-LoveMake me cut
Make me bleed
Down my wrist
I want to scream
You make me feel so ALIVE
I want to feel you deep inside
Now let's do the dirty deed
Against my skin
It feels so thin
This blade is all I need
And without you
It's all I have
So let me bleed.
My Heart's TombWith every moment passing by
My love for you grows unto the sky
And even though I don't know why
I can't even justify
My feelings for you
Even though I knew
I couldn't have you from the start
You're taking with you my broken heart
A heart of ice
And as I watch you take my heart
I realize I've played my part
And as my love for you grows I find
I cannot get you off my mind
That more and more you carry with you
My now beating heart
And that in my tomb we left behind
My feelings for her
Frozen in time…
Fallen AngelA feeling of Dread fills the air
People stop, people stare
In return they receive a glare
His hapless eyes coldly dare
At one time he had cared
Against God's Will he had spared
Scythe in hand, pity in eyes
On feathered wings of darkness he flies
His love within slowly dies
And through his Lord's watchful eyes
In sorrow his God cries
For His Angel of Death
Fallen from grace
Tears fall from His angel's broken face
As he heralds Death's sweet call
Killing one, killing all
Angry shadows dance upon her face
Her soul numb, lost without a trace
As she lies there, bleeding, broken
Her tearful cries in silence spoken
She wants to cry, she wants to feel
Anything to believe this is real
Carefully she cuts; she can't go too far
Just enough to leave a scar
Steel bites her wrist
She gasps from sweet pain
Now she knows she's alive agáin.
Mary Jane'll Make You InsaneI can hear the Voices
Sleeping in my head
I swear to God
It sounds like they're snoring
Makes me feel a bit boring
Wish I could wake them up
I think I may be losing
My grip on Reality
Makes me wonder
Why they bother
To tear my world asunder
As I stumble, as I blunder
What's with the static
On the screen
Or do I even own a TV?
I don't even own a TV…
by :iconvelikorossiya:Velikorossiya Bubble Parrot Poster by Pearque Tucan poster by Pearque Cranberry jam by Pearque Rasberry jam by Pearque Cari. by Pearque Eye by Pearque Splash of colours by Pearque Colour focus by Pearque by :iconpearque:Pearque

Now, next time I hope more of you send in your thumbnails... :D

Telita Esterhuizen / MoRbiD-ViXeN

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Velikorossiya Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Yay! :D
G2KSurivemors Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Yahoo! Thanks alot. Is it really your birthday?
6Sanuye9 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
oh, and
:w00t!: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TELITA!!! :w00t!:
6Sanuye9 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you! :heart:
BloomingRoseXeniia Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aww yayyy!!! got to love a good old feature!!! :D

thanks hunny!!!! ^_^
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June 4, 2010